Vy Nguyen


Vy Nguyen is a partner and co-founder of Orange Video. He believes in following the creative process while leaving just enough room for spontaneity. As a logistics and spreadsheet nerd, Vy enjoys the producing side of filmmaking, bringing together all the pieces of the puzzle to bring a project to life. He loves working with clients to ensure that their vision is met.

Vy Nguyen - Director, Producer

Ethan Caswell


Ethan Caswell is a partner and co-founder of Orange Video. While creating beautiful images is part of what he does, his real passion is problem solving. Whether that be in figuring out the best way to light a scene, or how to most effectively craft his next woodworking or 3d printed project, he sees everything as a puzzle to be solved.

Ethan Caswell - Cinematographer

Rob Kerr

Creative Director

A storyteller at heart, Rob has worn many hats over the years, from writer to director, production designer to creative director. He’s produced Super Bowl spots, worked with countless celebrities, won an Emmy, two national Addys, and his work has been recognized by Communication Arts, The One Show, and the New York Art Director’s Club. But, Rob never loses sight of the reason we do what we do—delivering measurable results and ROI for our clients.